I think I was born in the wrong era......

My friends and I always joke around, saying that I'm old ladyish. But I think my 'older' interests and style is influenced by one person... Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn is arguably one of the most famous actresses of all time. Known for her main rolls in movies such as 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' 'Roman Holiday' (My personal favourite) and 'My Fair Lady'. And much much more. I gain a lot of inspiration from her acting , because I myself am an aspiring actress. 

But, Audrey isn't just known for her incredible acting and grace. She is also known for her impeccable style. Everything she wore was always so elegant and feminine. Inspiration is plentiful in Audrey's style , for example I'm very inspired by her stunning Givenchy gown in 1954s Sabrina.

Some other of her famous looks....


Because of the influence that Audrey Hepburn has given me, I have different fashion standards to what's common today. Don't get me wrong, I love modern fashion. But, if I could go back to elbow length gloves and structured dresses, I one hundred percent would.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades"- Audrey Hepburn