6 Upcoming Beauty and Hair Trends for Summer 2016

6 Upcoming Beauty and Hair Trends for Summer 2016


Strobing ; The contouring trend has been big for a while now , thanks to Instagram stars as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner . But strobing has recently become very popular , and is the new "replacement" for contouring . Strobing focuses on highlighting your face , to give a dewy , youthful glow .

Blue Eyeshadow ; Blue eyeshadow is back in trend . You can see many models on the runway in New York Fashion Week sporting this look . It's a great summer trend and it brings a sense of youth and freshness .

Sunset Streak ; Another eyeshadow trend is light pinks and peaches . It's usually paired with nude or pink lipstick and light makeup .




Braids; Lately I've seen many celebrities and Instagramers rocking the braids and creating nw and unique looks. It's a big upcoming trend for Summer 2016 .

Sleek Ponytail; This trend has taken over the runway , and you've most definitely seen it on reality star Kim Kardashian .

Messy Curl; This beach like wave is perfect for Summer . It is Usually paired with little makeup and a slight bronze .

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