My Fashion Icons

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be making a short list of my recent top three fashion icons (in no particular order). I tend to find inspiration everywhere I go, but these individuals' style are what I'm aiming my style towards. 


Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson is a 24 year old singer and actress. Being the Disney buff I am, I discovered Sofia Carson like many others, through Disney Channel's original movie 'Descendants'. In general, I was intrigued by Evie's style (the character played by Sofia), It was very girly yet quirky. But when I discovered the kind of clothes Sofia herself wore, I found myself a new icon. 

She always looks so sleek and ladylike. Sofia holds herself with such confidence  that it makes her outfits one hundred times better. She radiates this confidence, which is the best accessory.

Eva Gutowski

Eva Gutowski, also know as MyLifeAsEva, has only recently entered my fashion radar. I have always been a fan of her Youtube videos but never really considered her a 'style icon' until the last year or so. I guess you could describe her style as 'urban' or 'trendy'. She definitely sports the iconic 'blogger look'.

Eva always looks so chic, but I like the way she doesn't take herself too seriously or restricts herself to one style.

Olivia Culpo

Like I've said many times before, I ADORE Olivia's style. From her red carpet looks to everyday ensembles, she always looks incredible. She's very classy and sophisticated, while keeping up with the latest trends. 

She looks insanely beautiful in every outfit. She always pairs her looks with delicate jewellery, chic hair and airbrushed makeup. However, I tend to like her more 'daring' fashion choices.

As you can tell, these three ladies are à la mode! 

Thanks for reading! X