Recently, I have been craving change, which is incredibly unusual for me. I needed something to be different.

I have been talking about cutting my hair for a long time now. It was one of those things that was inevitable. I have always walked into my hairdressers with full intentions of cutting my hair drastically. But I always backed out. The thought of such a change to my appearance put me on edge. I'm not one to take risks.

But a few days ago, I wanted change, I needed change. A clean slate for when I return to school. So I did it, The Big Chop. For some people, cutting off all their hair is a walk in the park. But I've been growing my hair long since I was in 4th class, nearly five years. That's a lot of progress down the drain.

Something as small as cutting my hair did something to me. I'm no longer as afraid of change, no matter how big or small. This was exactly what I needed before entering the dreaded Junior Cert year, a fresh start. 

photo credit Allen Ybanez 
featured in this picture; Allen Ybanez , Matthew Dineen and Megan Slye

Don't be afraid of change

Georgia Twomey