MTV Music Video Awards 2016

MTV Music Video Awards 2016

To be honest , I was very disappointed by this year's VMA looks. There weren't any looks that really 'stood out' to me. So I'm going to go through 'The Best' and 'The Worst'  outfits from this year's VMAs ( all my opinion ) .


Nicki Minaj 

Nicki definitely got the right mix of classy and sexy by wearing this stunning royal blue Bao Tranchi dress. I also think the minimal makeup and hair was a great idea , as anything else would look a bit ott . 

Kendall Jenner 

As much as I love Kendall's Balmain dress , it's the shoes that got me. I'm a sucker for thigh high shoes and boots , but especially thigh high lace up heels. I think Kendall looked amazing!

Gigi Hadid 

I loveeee Gigi's Versace pinstriped suit. I think it was super classy and she totally rocked it. I also think her fringe suits her so well . 



I really wasn't a fan of Beyonce's Francesco Scognamiglio dress. It wasn't very flattering and I didn't really understand the whole 'Angel Wings' around her neck. I think there was just too much going on. 

Ariana Grande 

I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande. But this outfit? Not so much. The trousers looked way too big on her and were so unflattering and the lace top looked very cheap. Ariana has such a small physique , so I think the trousers seemed to eat her up. 

Kim Kardashian 

I like this outfit on her , but it just looks like something she always wears on an everyday basis. It's nothing new and I don't think it's 'fancy' enough for an event this big. 

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Georgia Twomey 



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