Coachella 2017 | Best and Worst

Coachella 2017 | Best and Worst

This year's Coachella has many looks that I adore, but more looks that I hate. But who, in my own opinion, has the absolute best and the absolute worst outfits? Keep reading.

Coachella fashion has changed dramatically in the past two or three years. I've noticed that it's lost it's "bohemian touch", if you will. It's now become obvious to me that people want the "Shock Factor", they want people and the media to react to their clothes.

I feel that I tend to gravitate towards the celebrities that wore more of a "Bohemian" or "Simplistic" outfit, rather than the celebrities who went down the "Dramatic" route.





Kylie Jenner

I'm usually not a big fan of Kylie's fashion. I admire it for what it is, but it would never be my style. Yet, something about this whole look really speaks to me. I think it's perfect festival attire, the fit is really flattering and the jewellery adds a really nice softness to the outfit. And in Kylie Fashion, she added a striking violet wig.


Victoria Justice

I really like this purely because it says "Coachella". Victoria is one of the very few celebrities who stuck solely to the iconic Coachella style. I absolutely love the red flowy dress, the cut outs are in all the right places, but the belt completely makes this look!


Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is slowly creeping up my 'Fashion Icon List', she grabbed my attention at the Oscars and she's grabbing my attention here. First off, I am a sunglasses kind of girl. I have too many to count. And seeing Emma in these vintage style oval sunglasses made me so happy! I also love how she kept the whole ensemble simple. The white dress with the envious beige shoes is so perfect with her striking hair colour.


Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill really had the perfect mix of the "New" Coachella fashion and the "Old". The flowy dress and jewellery was the old Coachella and everything else was the new. And I have to say, she nailed it! I love how vibrant it all is, especially since the majority of people stick to basic colours like brown, white and black.


Hailee Steinfeld

I personally think Hailee looks incredible. It may not reflect 'Coachella', but it definitely embodies music festival fashion. I also think his look is very easy to mimic. So people at home who see and love this outfit can easily buy staple pieces, like the thigh high boots, and can wear it out.


Sara Sampaio

I'm not too familiar with Sara, but I think I'll be keeping my eye on her after this! She is also one of the few celebrities who represented the quintessential, bohemian look. This outfit is so simple but eye catching. I really like this!


The OverAll Best

Olivia Culpo

Olivia has been killing it recently! She won my 'Best Overall" at the Oscars and she was one of my 'Best Dressed' at the Golden Globes. Although her outfits weren't necessarily Coachella-esque, they still caught my eye. I think she nailed each and every single outfit she wore.

Starting with the white button down midi dress, with the brown belt and gold bag. It was so perfect! I couldn't find a single flaw!

My personal favourite was the white, pin striped jumpsuit. I love the cut of it, the way it cuffs at the ankles and even though it's quite conservative, the side cleavage adds a sultry touch.

The third look she wore was quite simple but really reflected 'Music Festival' fashion. I think the statement necklace completely makes it. Because without it this outfit could be a bore. Yet, it's an easy look to copy, so fans of Olivia don't have to find expensive clothes to mimic her style.

Olivia's final look is also perfect music festival attire. You can tell comfort really played a big roll in this outfit, but the 'Chloe' bag adds a chicness to the overall look.


 The Worst


Kendall Jenner

I was really disappointed with Kendall's look this year, which is a big change because I use to consider her one of the best dressed at Coachella. Her outfit just seemed awkwardly mismatched and the accessories don't do anything for it.


Sofia Richie

Maybe, just maybe if she wore different pants the outcome would be different. But those red pants are horrendous. I really hate the fabric and the way it just bunches at the top. And then everything else in the outfit just doesn't work.The only thing I like is the Louis Vuitton bag and her sunglasses. So I guess it's not all bad.


Rita Ora

Both of Rita's outfits seemed too dated. Like, maybe in 2003 they would be super hot. But in 2017? I don't think so. Nothing works, it's all just unflattering and eyesore. Sorry Rita.


The OverAll Worst



I honestly just don't get this. Without the weird, sparkly unitard this would be a decent look. If she wanted some glitter she could have opted for a sequin bomber jacket. But alas, she went for the unitard. Which, if you haven't noticed already, I STRONGLY dislike. Some people are calling the Gucci unitard a "High Fashion Bodysuit", but I find it really disturbing and it actually makes me a bit uncomfortable. But props to Rihanna for taking a fashion risk! And I have to give it to her, it was defiantly unmissable. 


Unfortunately, there were more outfits that I hated, like Hailee Baldwins and Katy Perrys. But I had to cut it down or else you'd be reading forever.

So let's just hope next years fashion will be better.


xoxo Georgia xoxo



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