Materialistic Goals

Materialistic Goals

Hermès Birkin Bag 

Created in the 80's, the Hermès Birkin Bag has become an iconic fashion accessory. This bag is the cover face of a materialistic goal, KEYWORD goal. As the bag is a whopping €20,000! 


The Birkin Bag has been spotted on countless celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and pretty much all the Kardashians. The bag is in such high demand, which is probably surprising to most due to the astronomical price! In 2014 Hermès produced 70,000 Birkin Bags! Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to own one of these masterpieces. Until then all I can do is dream!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

I've admired this bag ever since I was a little girl. Louis Vuitton is such a classic label, so sophisticated and ladylike. And the Neverfull bag is the perfect size and it seems to go with everything!

Celine Bag

As you can tell by now, I LOVE BAGS. And this Celine bag is so classy. I'm a big fan of structured and simple bags, so this is absolutely perfect. This particular bag you can also see popping up all over Instagram. It's very popular among fashion bloggers in particular. 


Gucci Pearl Boots

I've only recently gotten into Gucci, it started with me getting drawn to the belts, and before i knew it I had a three page long wish list! The shoes are something I wasn't too fond of at the beginning, but suddenly, one day when I was in Brown Thomas and I fell in love!

Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boots

Back again with the Louis Vuitton! It's just such a special brand to me because it lead me into the world of high end fashion. I love the majority of Louis Vuitton's shoes, but these ankle boots are the cherry on top!


Ah yes, the famous red souled shoe! I'm sure you were anticipating this. They're the perfect shoe for work, going out, casual, formal. They work for everything. Also the range of styles are infinite! So you're not restricted to the classic stiletto. 

Gucci Belt

Who something as simple as a belt could add so much character to an outfit! This Gucci belt is all over social media and loved by so many people. It is definitely one of my favourite things on this list.  

Tifanny's Heart Tag Pendant 

Due to my love of Audrey Hepburn, something from Tiffany's must show up on this list at some stage. I particularly love the heart tag pendant in rose gold or the iconic Tiffany blue.


Anything Chanel

Coco Chanel is one of those household names, everyone knows it. Pretty much EVERYTHING Chanel sells I love! So Chanel needs to be on this list.


Moving on from designer accessories, I am going to highlight some cars that I adore. Majority of them are vintage, other than my favourite mini cooper, but all off them are beautiful and classy!

I first saw this vintage MG in a vintage car show, when I took a day trip to Monaco. I don't know why but I found it so captivating! I've always had a eye for vintage cars but this defiantly struck me fancy!

I never really had an interest in Rolls Royces until I saw one in 1984s classic, 'Sixteen Candles". So after I finished that movie I added this 1980s Rolls Royce to my dream cars list.

So that concludes my list! Yes I know there's more to life than shoes and cars. But it's nice to set yourself little goals to get you through the bumps on the roads.

Thank you for reading Xxxx

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