My Favourite Looks from Gossip Girl

My Favourite Looks from Gossip Girl

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for my absence! As I am in an exam year, I'm always bombarded with study and homework! Now that it's a new year and I'm finally done with my mock exams I plan on blogging a lot more. 

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite TV shows. It just happens to be known for it's impeccable style, you guessed it, Gossip Girl! Gossip Girl was one of those things that really kick started my love of fashion. Watching them transform their uniforms and completely personalise them really inspired me whilst I was in primary school. Looking back at it, it still does!

I've gathered a few of my all time favourite outfits from all six seasons of Gossip Girl, and I'm going to talk about why I love them!

I'm starting with a truly iconic Gossip Girl outfit, it marked a heart wrenching Chuck and Blair moment, Blair Waldorf's red Oscar de la Renta gown. This dress is amazing, but what makes it better is how it was styled. Although pink and red are believed to clash, I personally love it! This pink necklace really complements the dress. The red lipstick and glamorous hair also adds a touch of class. 

Another iconic dress, Serena Van Der Woodsen's grey Haute Couture Zuhair Murad Gown. It is gorgeous! The sheer lacy details and plunge neckline add to the 'wow factor' of this dress.

This was the very first time we saw Serena Van Der Woodsen, and this outfit completely captured her style! Casual and Chic. I personally love this outfit because of the Parisian vibe it has, the cravat really puts it over the top. 

Pretty much all of the outfits Blair and Serena wore in Paris were stunning. Including this pink lattice Georges Chakra dress. This happens to be my favourite dress in all of gossip girl. It's very formal, but Serena is seen wearing it with a casual hat and jacket. Although I am not a fan of the jacket paired with this dress, it still is one of my favourite looks.

Another charming look from Paris! I LOVE everything about this outfit, from the dress to the necklace to the shoes. Everything is perfection! It's Blair's iconic style with a European twist.

Jenny Humphrey looked so striking in this enchanting Marchesa dress. This was just after Jenny abandoned her 'goth' phase. I think this marked the beginning of Jenny's best style chapter. Her long blonde hair and brown smoky makeup really was the cherry on top. 

This was my favourite Serena and Blair moment. It was one of the first time we saw them play the role of 'best friends'. The pair of dresses are beautiful and are also very quintessential to the Gossip Girl series.

15 more of my all time favourite looks....

Thank you so much for reading 


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