Coachella 2018 | Best and worst

Coachella 2018 | Best and worst

Hey everyone!

I'm going to be completely honest, I was really underwhelmed with the majority of the style at Coachella this year. Most people wore such cliche Coachella styles (not that that's a bad thing, but they did it so badly). Almost as if they tried to put on every single past Coachella trend on all at once. A few people really impressed me but as per usual many did not. All of these are my personal opinions!

The Best

Elsa Hosk

Every single one of Victoria Secret model Elsa's outfits were stunning. She added a unique and personal twist to every look that I didn't see anyone else at Coachella wear. Although it may not seem like traditional Coachella attire, it was still very appropriate for a music festival while also being effortlessly glamorous. 

Victoria Justice 

Victoria was one of the people who followed along the lines of the quintessential Coachella style, but she didn't make it look overdone or OTT. She kept her outfits and accessories simple which added a classy touch to everything she wore.

Bella and Gigi Hadid

As you can tell by now, I'm definitely edging towards the casual approach to festival fashion this year. Which is why I love Bella and Gigi's laid back jean and crop top combo. It's very wearable and it's something that you could recreate without breaking the bank. I love the way they accessorised from their body chains to Bella's headband.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie's outfit was just so fab! I loved everything: her jeans, her shoes, her top, her glasses. Everything. I know it doesn't look very Coachella-y but It's a perfect and fashionable concert outfit. 

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey's outfits were also very wearable. She showed off her AMAZING figure and her ability to look effortlessly chic while wearing two simple outfits. I especially love her old Hollywood glamour inspired outfit which include the very on trend cat eye sunglasses.

Sara Sampaio

I can totally see this as festival attire, and holiday attire. I really like all the wearable and more mellow versions of Coachella fashion, and Sara really embodied this in both of her outfits. It's always nice seeing celebrities wearing outfits that are realistic enough for you to gain inspiration from. 

Paris Hilton

Personally I love Paris Hilton's style. It's always so girly and classy. And her Coachella outfits were no exception. She looked almost royal in her flowy white dress and flower crown. I absolutely loved it!


Overall Best

Camila Coelho

This year blogger Camila Coelho takes the cake for best style. I've always been a fan of her but she really stepped it up for Coachella. Everything she wore was within the realm of Coachella style while not being overdone. Each look was so stylish and sui generis. I especially loved all the hair styles she did, they made me really miss my long hair!


The Worst

Niki DeMartino

I have never really been a hardcore Niki DeMartino fan, I watch her on YouTube but I'm more of a Gabi fan myself. I really didn't like anything Niki wore. Personally I though they were all just plain ugly. I honestly can't find anything about them that I liked.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia has only ever been in the best list in all of my posts, she even was my Overall best for Coachella last year. But this year she really disappointed me. This is one of the cases where she got all of the Coachella trends she could think of and put them all together. The hat, the cowboy boots, the bohemian earrings and the flowy dress. It all ends up being cluttered and OTT.

Bella Thorn

I never really liked Bella Thorn's style, but I understood that it was one of her quirks. So all her other outfits that I didn't really like I left out. But my gosh, in my opinion this is just God awful and I honesty can't grasp the look she was going for. Nothing matches or is coordinated in any way. 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie was also on my best list for Coachella last year, but this year I really didn't like what she wore. I guess there's no reason other than the fact that it just doesn't appeal to me. I feel like maybe if she styled the outfits differently or paired them with a different colour wig I'd like them a lot better. 

Overall Worst


And for the second year in a row, my overall worst goes to Rihanna. I literally hated everything she wore. Nothing was flattering in anyway. The only redeeming quality is her hair and makeup, I thought it was really pretty but the outfits really ruined it.

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