Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers

Instagram has many purposes, sharing photos with friends, promoting a business, posting your favourite photos. But for me, I use Instagram to fully embrace my materialistic side, and allow myself to live vicariously through some of the most stylish and glamorous women. Just like how most of us have favourite celebrities, I also have favourite Instagrammers. So I decided to share a list of the accounts I go to to get inspired. Enjoy!


Get a glimpse of Italian life through Diletta’s pictures. Her style is very feminine, colourful and picturesque. You can tell she’s very influenced by brands such as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. She always keeps it very European and glamorous. You will definitely crave some sun and a shopping spree after following Diletta.

I personally love how she incorporates current trends into her wardrobe, while still keeping her prim and girly style. She never sacrifices it for anything that is popular. Without failure, any time I look at her account I get extremely excited for summer (if Ireland will allow us to have one), and all the summer dresses and blouses that come along with it.


This French model clearly has an eye for style. She’s extremely polished, classy and keeps up with the trends. Her style is very varied, she’s either wearing extremely glamorous, party-in-Gossip Girl sort of attire or she’s wearing very casual, summery clothes.

My favourite thing about looking at her style is that it’s relatively achievable, you could probably find similar things to what she wears in stores or online. So she’s definitely a go-to account for inspiration.


If you like pink, hearts and all things girly, this is the account for you. Amelia is a blogger and Youtuber (whose channel I’d really recommend, I especially love her travel videos). She keeps up with trends so it’s easy to recreate her style. Although she does wear a lot of luxury branded bags, shoes and accessories, she generally keeps her clothing on the less pricey side, so you can usually find what she’s wearing online.

She is also a great account to follow if you like travel inspiration. She’s always moving around and posts enchanting photos from many different locations. Definitely a sight for sore eyes.


What I love about Mishti is the fact that she takes simple pieces and makes them look so effortlessly glamorous. She always looks extremely expensive even though you could probably get the exact same clothes on websites such as Pretty Little Thing. I also adore all the jewellery she wears, she has a stunning collection. She’s definitely an account I’d recommend to follow.


Claire’s style is VERY high fashion, everything she wears seems just off the runway. But she adds a very chic, Parisian twist to it. Even when she dresses casually she can’t help but look expensive. She keeps her style fun and pleasing to look at. She’s a go to account if you want a creativity boost.


Nothing like what I’ve just shown you, Amanda’s style takes a more edgy approach. She often reminds me of season 2 Jenny Humphrey, when she has her hair all choppy alongside her dark clothes and makeup. Amanda is extremely fashion-forward and has amazing taste. She can also pull off a more elegant and polished style, which is apparent in her more occasional attire. I adore her style!


Finally, one of my favourites, Joanna Kuchta. If you like Clueless, Scream Queens and Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf’s style, than you would LOVE her account. It’s just so fun and ladylike, you can tell it’s heavily inspired by the 90s and early 2000s. Her posts look as if they been ripped out of a Vogue editorial.

You can find clothes like hers in loads of places, Bershka is usually great for plaid skirts! All you have to do is get a few simple pieces and you can pretty much recreate her style!

Thank you all for reading! Please let me know in the comments who I should follow on Instagram for more style inspiration. Until next time, xoxo Georgia.

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