Trend Report | Summer 2019

Trend Report | Summer 2019

Hey everyone! With summer approaching (very slowly here in Ireland might I add), I wanted to write about the upcoming summer trends. Of course, you shouldn’t feel like you need to wear something just because it’s popular, you wear whatever you want. But it’s still nice to know in advance what you may see pop up in all your favourite stores. Let’s start!


This trend has caused a surge of pictures all over Instagram and HF Twitter. It adds a luxurious and seasonal touch to even the most casual outfits. You can wear it around your neck, ponytail, bun, as a headband, put it on handbags and so on, so on. It’s extremely versatile! You can pretty much find them anywhere and for really cheap too.


I have such an admiration of the ‘Nouveau Milkmaid’ trend. I personally think It’s extremely pretty. It has dainty puffed sleeves, some have lace details, some have bodice accents while others don’t. So even though this is one trend, you can really tailor it to your style. Overall it gives off this effortless, Parisian it-girl vibe. You can wear it with absolutely anything and you’ll look extremely put together.


Gingham is a trend that I’ve loved for summer ever since I was younger. No matter your style, you can still rock gingham. Everybody seems to be able to pull it off. It’s just so cute and summery, and you can pretty much buy clothes with this print anywhere.


Wearing multiple patterns can be tricky, but honestly, I think you should just own the clash. When people clash patterns, it tends to remind me of one of my favourite brands ‘Dolce & Gabbana’. You will see incredibly busy patterns all thrown together in this brand’s designs. Vibrant Italian maiolica tile patterns and intense florals all grace Dolce’s catwalk, and I love it.


This trend emerged around Autumn last year, and it seems to be sticking for the summer. Now, I personally do not like this trend… at all. But it seems to have caught the attention of many. This trend is said to have been made popular by the Kardashians. It went from being just an Instagram trend to being a runway trend. So it’s high fashion approved.


Feathered accents make clothes always look glamorous and expensive. I think it’s just so fancy and so girly. Whether you wear a feathered dress, shoes or just carry a feather bag, you will look lavish!


This trend has been around for a while now. I think it was last summer when it entered the fashion scene. What I love about polka dots is that they’re subtle statements. You’re wearing a statement piece without it actually looking like a crazy or out-there item. It can be worn classily or casually. It’s up to you.


And finally, the last upcoming trend for the summer are one shouldered dresses and tops, similar to last years off the shoulder trend. I really like this, it can be quite quirky, but also extremely classy. It all depends on how you style it. Just like the others, this can work into anyone’s personal style.

I hope you enjoyed, please feel free to leave a like and comment. Until next time, xoxo Georgia.

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