The Met Gala 2019

The event every fashion enthusiast waits for, the Met Gala! If you are new here, the Met Gala (or Met Ball) is a fundraising event for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute , that has been held every year since 1948. Each year's event celebrates the theme of that year's Costume Institute exhibition, the guests are expected to dress to fit the theme. For example last years theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies’. It was founded by publicist Eleanor Lamber, as of 1995,it has been chaired by US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

CAMP | What does the theme mean?

The definition of camp fashion is; an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value. Camp art is related to—and often confused with—kitsch, and things with camp appeal may also be described as "cheesy". The word camp itself derives from the French slang term se camper, which means "to pose in an exaggerated fashion". If you want to know more, watch the video that I’ve included.

|My Opinions On This Years Met Gala|

‘Camp’ has proven to be my favourite Met Gala theme of all time. It has such an air of fun and creativity, and gave the guests an opportunity to be really playful with what their outfits. I’m so pleased with the amount of people who stayed true to the theme, especially the men, because usually most of them would just show up in a tuxedo and call it fashion. I always feel so disappointed when people don’t dress according to the theme, like you have been invited to one of the biggest fashion events of the year, this is the time to have fun with what you wear!

I currently have over 400 photos on my phone of outfits that I liked and disliked. As much as I want to go into detail about how much I loved/hated each outfit, I don’t want this article to turn into a novel. Therefore, I will have a few collages here and there that include multiple looks. Enjoy!


LADY GAGA - As expected, this was the perfect theme for the Queen of Camp, Lady Gaga, to shine. She gave us a fabulous performance by pulling a Violet Chachki, because why would you wear one look when you could serve four? I was completely wowed. The whole ensemble was designed by Brandon Maxwell, and gave me insane Russian doll vibes. What really pulled it all together was the makeup, done by Sarah Nicole Tanno. It really added to the overall campiness of her look.

BILLY PORTER - I have to credit him on his entrance alone, this is the kind of stuff you pull at the Met Gala. Now’s the time to be outrageous! I love his overall look, the entrance, the wigs, the headpiece, the makeup. But I personally don’t like the shape of the fringe jumpsuit designed by The Blonds, it looks a bit frumpy to me. But I can forgive it as he looks God-like and fits the theme.

HAMISH BOWLES - Now this is a man who knows how to do camp. He was giving me rococo fashion on acid, perfect for the Met. His look was designed by John Galliano, Creative Director of Maison Margiela. I can honestly say that I want to wear this outfit, it’s just so captivating.

ZENDAYA - This really solidifies the fact that we need Disney to cast Zendaya as a Disney princess pronto! But really, what did we expect? She brings it to us every time! I love that a few of the guests this year prepared a whole performance to go with their look, Zendaya was one of those creative people. Not only did she have a whole ordeal where her dress lit up at the flick of a wand, she also went as far as leaving a glass slipper on the carpet. This Tommy Hilfiger Cinderella gown is defiantly one for the History books.

HAILEE STEINFELD - This dress is the perfect example of camp couture, designed by Victor & Rolf. I adore her hair and makeup, it’s so pretty and doll like. She is also one of the guests who gave us a performance, it’s not as dramatic as the likes of Lady Gaga or Zendaya’s performance, but the idea was there and I applaud her for that.

EZRA MILLER - Who gave Ezra permission to be so gorgeous? This look floored me, designed by Burberry creative director Riccardo Tisci. He truly is a walking art piece. I do feel like it’s more avant garde than camp but nevertheless, I absolutely love this get-up. And let’s not forget to credit the talented makeup artist Mimi Choi. I think the photos speak for themselves.

JANELLE MONAE - Janelle did not come to play, she completely embodied camp and she did it in style. This gown was designed by Christian Siriano, and boy is he creative. Something that many people didn’t notice is the fact the the eye continuously winked in a random sequence. She looked so stunning.

KATY PERRY - This years theme was clearly Katy’s cup of tea. This look was designed by Jeremy Scott, who obviously had a clear understanding of camp. Her walking chandelier ensemble is fun and is a definite head turner, which is what camp is really all about. She looked so dazzling, even when she dressed up as a burger for the after party.

KENDALL AND KYLIE JENNER - The power the Jenner sisters would have had if they followed the theme every year. This is proof that they can do it, so i don’t understand why they never have before. Granted their outfits definitely aren’t as campy as some of the other looks, but I will credit their improvement! I love their carnival inspired looks designed by Versace. “Camp is a woman walking around in a dress made of three million feathers.” - Susan Sontag.

EMMA ROBERTS - I was waiting for someone to wear something designed by Giambattista Valli. This couture gown is so up my alley. It’s a look that I’d dream of wearing, It is beyond perfection in my eyes. It’s so ethereal and feminine. And her hair and makeup is wonderful, it all goes so well together. Defiantly one of my absolute favourites.

JOSEPHINE SKRIVER - This gorgeous gown fits the theme immensely. The hand embroidered dress was designed by Jonathan Simkhai, the headpiece was created by Yestadt Millinery and the boots by Manolo Blahnik. She looks so flamboyant and quirky, in the best possible way. And the train really puts the dress over the edge!

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI - Emily wore a Cher inspired gown by Dundas, and headpiece by House of Malakai. I know this isn’t the campiest look, but she looks simply angelic. She’s basically glowing as she wakes down the carpet. This is my favourite red carpet look that she’s ever worn.


This year Zac Posen really stood out to me. Not all of his designs necessarily gave me ‘camp’, however I still can’t deny the beauty of them. I especially love Nina Dobrev’s clear, water inspired bustier dress, it gives me such ballerina vibes and I wish that I owned it! Deepika Padukone’s outrageous metallic pink jacquard gown was astounding. Journdan Dunn wore a metallic rose gown, yes it’s simple, but my gosh it is beautiful. He also dressed Julia Garner, Katie Holmes and Billie Lourd. Everyone looked out of this world. I think Zac Posen really showed us the beauty in camp, and this really was a display of his creativity and talent.



RUPAUL - Of all people, how did Rupaul screw this up. I was honestly surprised to see him out of drag, especially when the theme is camp. His suit wasn’t too bad but I just had such high expectations. He was one of the guests I was most looking forward to seeing, what a let down.

ELLE FANNING - I love Elle and I love Miu Miu. But this? I hate it. It looks like the embodiment of a Claire’s Accessories shopping spree I had when I was 8. I wouldn’t look at this and see camp, it just looks tacky to me. I don’t really think there’s anything about this outfit that I particularly like.

JAMES CHARLES - James Charles got invited to the Met Gala for some unknown reason, THE MET GALA, and he decides to wear the same outfit he would wear to Starbucks on a Tuesday evening. I mean come on. The theme is camp, he’s a makeup artist… Where’s his flamboyant makeup? He really could have tried harder regarding his makeup, and Alexander Wang could have tried harder to fit the theme.

LILI REINHART AND COLE SPROUSE - Firstly, I wish they matched their outfits, because they kind of look all over the place. I don’t like Cole’s outfit, I mean, yes it’s camp, but I can’t deny the fact that it’s ugly. Although, I do appreciate the fact that he put in more effort this year.

Lili is wearing the exact same style of dress that she wore to last years Met Gala, and just like last year, I hate it. I think the neck up is amazing and is giving me amazing Marie Antoinette vibes (which I thought I’d see way more of considering the theme), but the dress just ruins it for me.

HARRY STYLES - I think everyone felt let down by Harry. He’s pretty much known for his campy style, but then he shows up in a black blouse, throws on an earring and some rings and calls it camp. I honestly was expecting him to wear something like Hamish Bowles.

KARLIE KLOSS - Karlie wore a custom Dapper Dan X Gucci dress. Not only is this dress bland and has absolutely nothing camp about it, it’s also extremely ugly. I don’t understand it. It looks cheaply made and is very unflattering in my opinion. No effort was made.



Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to leave your Met Gala 2019 opinions in the comments. Until next time, xoxo Georgia.

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